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ArcSoft Photo+ can help you view and classify photos with ease
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ArcSoft Photo+ can help you view and classify photos with ease. It can be used as an alternative for Windows Photo Viewer. It supports opening practically every picture format, including the native RAW formats of many cameras.

When installed, this application creates file associations to most image formats and it will be used as the system’s default picture viewer. A set of buttons will allow you to browse the photos stored in the selected folder. At any time, you can adjust the zoom level or set the full-screen view. A few simple editing tools will let you perform simple actions, such as cropping and rotating. You may be wondering what makes this application different from the system’s default viewer. In fact, it is very similar, except for a few things. First, many users could find its interface more attractive. Second, it allows a very easy way to classify your photos. When you find a photo you like, you can click the “I love it” button or simply press the Space bar. Then, you can view your favorite photos at any time, just by clicking on the corresponding button. From this view, you will be allowed to share your photos on such social networks as Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

ArcSoft Photo+ is a nice application. Perhaps my only objection is that it is a paid application doing almost the same as other free tools. I do not know why the slideshow viewer function did not work on my computer. I am not sure if it is not available in the trial version. It would have been nice to try this feature as it is supposed to provide some templates with even background music.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It supports many picture formats
  • It allows classifying pictures with ease
  • It allows sharing your photos on social networks


  • The slideshow viewer function did not work as expected
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